Monthly Chef's Specials: Uniquely Crafted Italian Food

With Nona's Recipe and Love, Leaving You Craving for More.

Craving for Italian food near you in Leichhardt? Aperitivo has curated a selection of the finest Italian food offerings prepared with an instinctive mastery over fire and seasonal ingredients. From established local favourites to innovative new creations and vegan options, we're dedicated to guiding you to your perfect slice of comfort food.

Indulge in exquisite Italian food near you in Leichhardt Chef’s Specials - M E N U

Our Monthly Chef's Specials, showcasing the finest Italian food near you in Leichhardt. Each month, our talented chefs craft a selection of unique dishes inspired by the flavours of Italy, using only the freshest ingredients. From classic favourites to innovative creations, there's always something new and exciting to tantalize your taste buds.

Experience a symphony of flavours as soft, pillowy gnocchi caress your palate, harmonizing with a luscious Bolognese sauce. Crowned with homemade ricotta salata, every bite is a testament to passion.
$ 29
Passion-Kissed Angus Sirloin
Savor the tenderness of Beef Angus Sirloin Steak, meticulously selected from Ranger Valley's prized Black Onyxx herd. Paired with golden, crispy roast potatoes, verdant green beans, and bathed in a sumptuous gravy sauce, this dish is a declaration of culinary devotion
$ 42
A tapestry of flavours awaits in our enchanting pumpkin risotto. Each grain, kissed by the earth, is woven with parmesan and adorned with crispy, artisanal pancetta. A celebration of the harvest season.
$ 30
Divine Salmon Serenade
Immerse yourself in a divine serenade of flavours with our Baked Atlantic Salmon. Luxuriously draped in a leek sauce, each succulent bite is accompanied by the smoky embrace of grilled asparagus, offering a symphony of tastes and textures
$ 40
Bresaola Pizza
A savory canvas of thin, delicate Bresaola slices adoring a perfectly wood fired pizza, each slice of the air-dried beef tender and flavorful. The marriage of the robust,slightly salty Bresaola with the melted cheese,fresh herbs and the Neapolitan thin pizza creates a tantalizing symphony on the plate.
$ 29